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Mitsubishi Electric's development
  • Published:Update:2014-05-21 11:05:52
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          Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Mitsubishi Electric Corp. ( Mitsubishi Electric ) , founded in 1921, is one of the Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI consortium , the Global 500 . Wide range of products , including displays , mobile phones , kitchen electrical , automotive electronics, life electrical, air conditioning electrical consumer-oriented . For the electronics , power , social , transport , space , information, electronics, machinery , semiconductor and other imaging business consumers.
          Mitsubishi Electric has long established its global network companies , research institutions and the production as a single entity , technical information and data provided for each division , the process of creating first-class products in all sectors in playing an important role. Mitsubishi Electric at the same time maintaining its leading position in the field of industrial and heavy electrical equipment , satellites, defense systems , elevators and escalators , automotive electronic equipment , air conditioning , ventilation equipment, etc. , and will further expand in mobile communication devices , display devices the display device technology and cutting-edge areas of the world semiconductor market share. In addition, Mitsubishi will also aim to expand into new business areas, particularly in areas such as environmental protection and water purification success .
         As of April 2010 , Mitsubishi Electric joint ventures, wholly-owned enterprises in China has reached 24 , they are in the field of automotive electronics components , semiconductors , and power transmission equipment , elevators , railway goods motor vehicles , industrial automation equipment, wide range of areas such as electronic appliances , machinery , both the cause of and actively carry out the transfer of technology .
Our main products include : PLC, inverter , PLC , soft starter motor , DC , numerical control systems , linear motors , EDM machines , industrial sewing machines , PLC motion control module, motion control bus , motion mechanical components , integrated controllers.

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