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FANUC system 0 Series Model division
  • Published:Update:2014-05-21 11:05:38
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0D Series: 0-TD for lathes
0-MD and small machining centers for milling
0-GCD for cylindrical grinding machine
0-GSD for surface grinder
0-PD for punching
0C :0-TC system for lathes, automatic lathes
0-MC for milling, drilling, machining centers
0-GCC for the inner and outer grinding machine
0-GSC for surface grinder
0-TTC for double turret, 4-axis lathes
POWER MATE 0: small for 2-axis lathe
0i Series: 0i-MA for machining centers, milling machines
0i-TA for lathe, 4 axes can be controlled
16i for up to 8 axes, 6-axis
18i for maximum 6-axis, 4-axis
160/18MC for machining centers, milling machines, surface grinder
160/18TC for lathes, grinders
160/18DMC for machining centers, milling machines, surface grinder open CNC system
160/180TC for lathes, CNC cylindrical grinding machine open systems


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