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Tel:      0769 -85396950 / 85331816
Fax :    0769 -82,288,950
Email:: yanhuajidian@163.com
Technical Director:: 18925811046    MR Liu
Business Consulting: 13415868989  Miss Cai
Address:  Dongguan City Changan Wu Sha Lianguan Evergreen Commerce Building, 6B

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       Culture is the lifeblood of sustainable development of enterprises.
       Dongguan Yan Hua NC Electrical Co., Ltd. is focused on building the corporate culture, corporate values, business philosophy imperceptibly passed to staff in order to create a cohesive repair a highly technical team, which is played out by the Company's work ethic and creativity, enterprise development provides a steady stream of power.

        Entrepreneurial spirit: dedication, integrity, teamwork, innovation

        Development Goals: Create a competitive CNC repair business

        Business strategy: expertise, integrity, reasonable price

  • Tel:0769-85396950/85331816  Technical Director:18925811046    MR Liu     Fax:0769-82288950
  • Email:1270579410@qq.com  Business Consulting:13415868989    Miss Cai
  • Add:Lianguan Changan Town, Dongguan City, Evergreen Business Building, SE2/6B