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FANUC CNC system development
  • Published:Update:2014-05-21 11:05:56
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                 FANUC company was founded in 1956 , in 1959 launched the first electro-hydraulic stepper motor , and gradually develop and improve the hardware-based open-loop numerical control system in the later years . In the 1970s , microelectronics, power electronics technology, especially computing technology has been rapid development , FANUC company decided to abandon a fortune to make electro-hydraulic stepper motor CNC products , on the one hand from GETTES company introduced the DC servo motor manufacturing technology. In 1976 the company successfully developed FANUC CNC system 5 , at any time after the SIEMENS CNC system developed jointly with the advanced level of 7 , from that time , FANUC company gradually developed into the world's largest professional manufacturer of CNC systems , products, advances, mid- renovation.
                1979 developed a numerical control system 6 , which is with the general features and some advanced features midrange CNC system , 6M suitable for milling machines and machining centers ; 6T suitable for lathe. Comparison with past models , the use of large-capacity magnetic bubble memory , dedicated to the LSI , the total number of components is reduced by 30 %. It also offers user -specific variables to produce their own type of user macro subprogram .
                  1980 on the basis of system 6 and upscale simultaneously in both directions to resist the development of systems developed system 3 and 9 . System 3 is a simplified system of six on the basis of the formation of small size, low cost and easy composition of mechatronic systems for small , inexpensive machine . System 9 is to strengthen the basis of the system is formed on 6 senior performance with software -based CNC system variable . By changing the software can be adapted to any different purposes, particularly suitable for machining complex and expensive aviation parts , requiring highly reliable heavy-duty multi-axis CNC machine tools .
                    1984 FANUC company launched 10 new products CNC systems, 11 systems and 12 systems. This series of products in terms of hardware made ​​a big improvement , those who are made ​​to integrate LSI , which contains 8000 gates dedicated LSI chip has three kinds , which actually leads up to 179 feet , Also dedicated LSI chip has four kinds , 22 kinds of thick film chip ; there are 32 high-speed processor , 4 megabits magnetic bubble memory, etc. , but also reduce component count by 30% over the previous similar products. As the series uses a fiber-optic technology, in the past between the CNC machine tools and control panel device and hundreds of cables substantial reduction , improved noise immunity and reliability. The system is able to achieve in terms of two-way transmission DNC various types of data from the host computer and the machine , table , robots, cars and other transportation between . It PLC device uses a unique non-contact , non-polarity output and high current, high voltage output circuit , semiconductor technology can induce strong electric cabinet . In addition PLC programming languages ​​can not only use the ladder , you can also use PASCAL language , to facilitate the user's own software development. CNC system 10,11,12 also enrich the special macro functions , automated scheduling , automatic tool compensation , tool life management , such as CRT color graphics display .
                    In 1985 the company has launched a FANUC CNC system 0 , its goal is small, price -generation for mechatronics small machine , so it is suitable for medium and large systems 10,11,12 together make up the during the new series of products . In the hardware components with a minimum number of components maximize performance for the purpose of using the latest high -speed integrated processor , a total of six kinds of dedicated LSI chip , including four kinds of special low-power CMOS LSI , 3 kinds of special thick film circuit . Main axis control system control circuit includes an input and output interface , PMC (Programmable Machine Control) , and so on in a large CRT circuit printed circuit board , and the operator panel composed of one CRT . 0 The main features of the system are: a color graphic display , menu-driven programming session , dedicated macro function , multi-lingual ( Chinese , German, French ) display , catalog return functions. FANUC CNC system introduced since 0 , countries have been highly praised by users , to become one of the largest CNC system users worldwide .
                    In 1987 the company has successfully developed a FANUC CNC system 15 , is known as an epoch-making AI CNC system, which applied MMCMan Machine Control), a new concept of CNC, PMC 's . System 15 uses a high-speed, high-precision, high-efficiency digital servo processing unit , a digital spindle unit and pure electronic absolute position detector , also increased the MAP (Manufacturing Automatic Protocol), the window function.
FANUC CNC systems and production company is well-known manufacturers of industrial robots , the company since the 1960s, since the production of CNC systems , has developed more than 40 kinds of products.
                      FANUC CNC device company currently produces are F0, F10/F11/F12, F15, F16, F18 series. F00/F100/F110/F120/F150 F0/F10/F12/F15 series is based on the addition of MMC functions, namely, CNC, PMC, MMC Trinity CNC.

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