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FANUC servo motor maintenance, FANUC spindle motor maintenance
  • Published:Update:2014-05-26 09:05:43
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   Numerical control system is the core of the CNC machine electrical control system.Each machine tool numerical control system in operation after a certain time, certain components appears unavoidably some damage or malfunction.In order to prolong the service life of components, as far as possible to prevent all kinds of faults, especially the malignant accident, must be on numerical control system for the daily maintenance and maintenance.Mainly includes: the use of the numerical control system inspection and maintenance of CNC system.
Daily maintenance of CNC system mainly includes the following aspects:
1. Develop and execute strict rules and regulations of the daily maintenance of CNC system
According to the characteristics of different numerical control machine tool, strictly formulating the daily maintenance of the CNC system of rules and regulations, and to strictly implement in the operation and use.
2. Should be less as far as possible open numerical control cupboard door and heavy current cabinet door
Because, in the mechanical processing workshop often contain oil mist, dust in the air, once they fall into CNC system on the printed circuit board or electrical components of the easy cause components of the insulation resistance is reduced, and even cause the damage of circuit board or electrical components.So, in the work should be less as far as possible open numerical control cupboard and heavy current cabinet door.
3. Regularly cleaned numerical control device of the cooling ventilation system, in order to prevent the nc device is overheating
Cooling ventilation system is to prevent the nc device overheated important device.Therefore, we should check the CNC every day on the cooling fan operation is normal, once every half a year or quarter check air duct filters are blocking phenomenon, if there should be clear in time.
4. Pay attention to the regular maintenance of CNC system input/output devices
For example, the CNC system input device of magnetic head cleaning.
5. Regular inspection and replacement brush dc motor
Production of CNC machine tools in the 1980 s, most of the dc servo motor, there is a brush wear problem, therefore for dc servo motor to regular inspection and replacement brush dc motor.
6. Often monitoring CNC devices use the voltage of power grid
CNC system for power grid voltage have strict requirements.FANUC company production of CNC system, for example, allows the grid voltage fluctuations in the range of 85% ~ 110% of rating, otherwise it will cause CNC system can not work normally, even can cause damage of CNC system of the internal electronic components.Therefore always detection power grid voltage, and control within the fixed value - 15% ~ + 10%.
7. The memory with regular inspection and replacement of the battery
Usually, the CNC system of some of the CMOS memory storage content rely on battery power remain in power.General use lithium battery or nickel cadmium rechargeable battery.When the battery voltage drops to a certain value, can cause data loss, so the battery voltage should be inspected regularly.When the battery voltage drops to limit or battery voltage alarm, will replace the battery in time.Replacing the battery will make the CNC system under the current status, this will not cause the loss storage parameters.Once the data is missing, after changing the battery, to input parameters.
8. CNC system for a long time without maintenance
When nc machine tools sit idle for a long time, also want to CNC system maintenance on a regular basis.In the machine tool is not electricity, with a backup battery to power a chip, the data unchanged.Machine tool on the battery when the voltage is too low, usually alarm prompts on the display screen.In the long-term when not in use, should often electricity to check to see if there is alarm prompt, and replace the backup battery in time.Often electricity can prevent electrical components be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp or printed circuit board is short circuit or open circuit and other long-term unused machine, electricity at least twice a week or more.Particular way is:
Electricity, first of all, should be regularly to the CNC system under the condition of the machine tool lock motionless, let the machine run empty.Secondly, plum rains season in the air humidity is bigger, every day should be to the CNC system electricity, so that can use electrical components itself fever to the CNC out incase of moisture, to ensure the stable and reliable performance of electrical components.Production practice has proved that if not for a long time of nc machine tools, after the rainy days are prone to failure often was turned on.
In addition, for the dc servo motor of the nc machine tools, idle for more than six months, if not, you should remove the motor brush, to avoid due to chemical corrosion effect on the surface of the commutator corrosion, to ensure that the reversing performance.
9. Spare the maintenance of printed circuit board
Already for the purchase of the spare printed circuit board shall periodically loaded on the CNC devices operate for a period of time, in case of damage.
10. The processing of CNC failure
Once the CNC system fails, the operator should adopt measures to stop, stop the system, and protect the good scene.And assist maintenance personnel ready to the early stage of the maintenance work.

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