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FANUC system board maintenance, mitsubishi repair
  • Published:Update:2014-05-26 09:05:35
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      Dongguan YanHua numerical control mechanical and electronic circuit board co., LTD., mainly provide CNC machine tool, mitsubishi, FANUC system, servo motor, spindle motor and high speed spindle repair services at home and abroad.
Company's main business:
1: CNC machine tools circuit boards and other industrial circuit chip level maintenance: CNC servo amplifier and host maintenance (mitsubishi, FANUC, panasonic, Siemens, AnChuan, sanyo, etc.), industrial control computer board, inverter maintenance, repair, maintenance of PLC, industrial screen touch screen, electronic enterprise SMT, SMD all electronic circuit control board maintenance on equipment
2: servo motor repair:
Including dc servo motor repair, stepping servo motor, spindle servo motor maintenance, electric spindle, linear motor maintenance, multipolar rotary motor, speed motor maintenance, high-speed motor maintenance.Brands have mitsubishi (MITSUBSHI), FANUC (FANUC), AnChuan (YASKAWA), SANYO (SANYO), Panasonic (Panasonic), sichuan (TAMAGAWA), OMRON (OMRON), thick (sinano), letter, god steel (SHINKO), WACOGIKEN, YiSiDi grams (ESTIC), mahath (YAMAHA), and the east (VEXTA), etc.
3: CNC machine tool repair, system transformation, renovation of appearance:
Three axis precision repair, spindle taper hole grinding, dynamic balance is positive, the spindle repair, repair precision ball screw and guide rail grinding, grinding table, wear-resisting rubber heavy stick, etc., to ensure the machining accuracy of workpiece after overhaul to meet the user requirements.My company before the overhaul of nc machine tools will seriously check of the condition of the machine tool mechanical and hydraulic systems, such as the precision of the machine tool at present, the condition of the mechanical transmission chain, screw, guide rail, comprehensive summary of the existing machine tools of all fault and appeared in the history of the major fault is to determine the overhaul or repair.
4: second-hand CNC machine tools (mitsubishi, FANUC) buying and selling, acting sales of CNC machining center, the new machine distribution, new model according to customer's requirement.
5: CNC machine tool repair parts: spindle broach spring leaf, claw, spindle bearing, screw bearing (NSK), oil bearing, wheel, wheel fat punch, encoder, decoder, servo motor, the handwheel line, imported encoder lines, power lines, travel switch lines, transmission lines, cable system, travel switch, digital band switch, button switch, panel rubber, machine shield, chain and belt, the aviation joint, optoelectronic isolator, driver module, insurance, batteries, brake resistance, abrasion resistance, wear-resisting piece with glue, ball screw, shaft, a cooling fan.Check valve, oil, oiler, working light bulb, the above accessories long-term with a large number of inventory, price concessions.
Service commitment:
Do not charge any inspection fee, fault circuit board not repair it earns nothing;
Maintenance time is short, reliable quality, reasonable price, warranty for three months;
Can be signed long-term cooperation agreement of maintenance, priority arrangement, fee discount.

  • Tel:0769-85396950/85331816  Technical Director:18925811046    MR Liu     Fax:0769-82288950
  • Email:1270579410@qq.com  Business Consulting:13415868989    Miss Cai
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