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Electric spindle, spindle motor maintenance
  • Published:Update:2014-05-26 09:05:05
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    Dongguan YanHua numerical control mechanical and electrical co., LTD., founded in 2004, through the joint efforts of staff of the company has grown into a spindle, servo motor, circuit board maintenance maintenance of professional maintenance company.The company actively attract international advanced and scientific management mode, has a group of skilled and experienced maintenance engineers, there are a number of advanced test equipment maintenance and repair tools, for high speed motorized spindle, the spindle has the quite rich experience of maintenance, maintenance of high efficiency and reliable quality, reasonable charge, save a lot of money for the enterprise, shorten the production cycle, improve the work efficiency and set a good reputation in the user.
    Line maintenance projects are: the main bearing replacement, the spindle taper hole grinding, spindle's dynamic balance is positive, the stator coil winding, replace the spindle rotor replacement, spindle, spindle disc springs pull claw change, solving the problem of top PCB drilling and milling spindle die, motorized spindle high-speed motor () waterway impassability, motorized spindle high-speed motor () partial problem, electric spindle vibration (high-speed motor) problem of high fever, the spindle (high-speed motor) noise is big problem, the electric spindle high-speed motor () radial runout slants big problem.
    Maintenance mitsubishi servo motor of the servo motor maintenance maintenance, FANUC, mitsubishi spindle motor servo motor repair, maintenance, FANUC spindle motor AnChuan servo motor repair maintenance, sanyo, panasonic servo motor servo motor, servo motor bearing replacement maintenance maintenance, servo motor, servo motor, encoder, the electric motor coil winding balance is positive, the magnetization, servo motor, servo motor repair, etc.

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